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  • Ashley Lauzier

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

With the stress and chaos that has developed over the past year from the pandemic and just the ordinary struggles of our everyday lives, having a space of your own to escape and relax has become more important than ever. Having a bedroom “sanctuary” is a room that is meant to be for you, so you should be able to design it and have the style accustomed to what is going to make you feel most comfortable.

Your sanctuary should reflect whatever mood you are wanting to feel when you need a space to escape to and relax. This mood can be achieved by defining your style into the room to help you show who you are and what aesthetic you love. Everyone has their own sense of style which is why your space should be specific to you and what you like. Do you favor a more sleek and contemporary style? Elegant and refined? Country cottage quaint? Scandinavian modern? Whatever the style, it is yours and you should embrace it in your sanctuary.

There are many different components to consider when wanting to personalize your bedroom retreat. Looking at elements from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, lighting to accessories, anything you can think of can all be updated or created in a way to best help you escape and relax. Whether the changes are big or small, these are changes that can be made to help you connect with yourself in your space. Change also doesn't necessarily have to be something expensive or large to make your retreat a reality, it is whatever it means to you in the most cost efficient way that will keep you comfortable.

Flooring is a change that is popular and one that a lot of people usually like to start with. You can either replace floors completely or have them re-sanded or refreshed depending on the existing flooring you have. To stay on the simpler and cheaper side of design decisions, adding an area rug, big or small, can hide imperfections, add comfort to the room, or provide contrast and pull together colors throughout the room.

Walls are another area that can range on price depending on the personalization you want to create in your retreat. Walls are a versatile area that can be either freshened up or completely redone. Paint is a cheaper option for updating a space for either changing colors completely or adding a fresh coat of the existing color, not to mention if you take on the work yourself. Wallpaper or panels can also be applied to the walls to add different textures or patterns, but of course this all depends on your own personal preference.

Furniture pieces are elements that can be bought brand new or passed down through generations because of sentimental value. If there is a furniture piece that you do want to keep but need a fresh look, reupholstering, repainting, or refinishing are all ways to upcycle your piece to freshen the look but keep the value that attracted it to you in the first place. If you are looking for a new piece all together, the style and finishes need to be taken into consideration as “givens” in your finished look that you want to achieve.

Lighting is a factor that can really brighten up your room and add that “wow” factor into the space. Simple changes that can be made are changing the type of lighting or kind of bulbs you have to create the ambiance you want. If you have the budget for a new fixture such as a chandelier, it is an element that can shine and really make the space feel like a sanctuary.

Bedding is one of the most common and budget friendly updates you can make to update your bedroom. You change your bedding to accommodate different seasons or to match the rest of your room that you have created. It is a flexible and easily changeable element that can also make an impact based on how you want it to look.

Accessories are the last element to adding those small and fine details to tie some areas together. Elements such as lamps, wall décor, and other small décor elements are budget friendly ways to continuously make changes to keep your space updated to what you want at any time.

Whatever your budget and however you want your bedroom sanctuary to look and feel is up to you. Making sure you have a retreat to escape to is important as we are continuously experiencing an every changing and unexpected world. Taking the time to set your priorities and make those changes to give you a safe space is beneficial to provide you your own space for the present and the future.

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