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  • Vivian Wholey

Growing and Expanding Your Business in a Pandemic: It’s All About the Connections

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It would be an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the entire world, especially businesses big and small. Despite this however, there are still many ways to not only keep your business alive during a worldwide pandemic, but grow it so it can still thrive.

During a Pandemic

Increase Presence Online

With COVID-19 making it nearly impossible for businesses to allow for in-person contact with their customers, being present online has never become more important. Customers, both existing and potential, will be using technology more than ever. Therefore, taking advantage of this opportunity through the use of digital marketing - like using Instagram, Facebook, etc - and being strategic through marketing efforts will help spread awareness about your business to people without them having to look past their phone or computer.

Be Easily and Accessibly Virtual

As previously mentioned, people will now more than ever be using technology, with everyone's safety being compromised as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that the option for virtual client meetings, whether through Zoom or Google Meets, should become easily available and accessible. This can even involve just simply being easy to contact or having a website easy to navigate so customers, new or old, can learn about your business.

Build Customer Relationships

The pandemic is not an excuse to put a pause on building relationships and making connections, if anything it is the reason to do so. Because people are deprived of real, in-person connections, thus making it hard to create and maintain relationships, with technology becoming everybody's best friend, reaching out and showing genuine care means that much more. Even if it's as simple as reaching out to existing or past clients and checking in with them through email or social media.

Make People Know Who You Are

Although it has become more difficult, drawing in new clients still remains just as important. As long as you are actively making an effort to make you and your business known during the pandemic, you are already one step ahead. This can be done through hosting virtual info sessions, like a Zoom webinar for new customers to learn about your business or ask questions, or even making a YouTube page about the company and posting videos to draw in new clients.

Put Safety First, Both Yours and Your Clients'

Above all else, it is most important that you ensure you are staying safe and keeping your customers safe as well, because without your health and your customers' health at its best, there is no business. This means wearing masks for any in-person meetings if a client absolutely needs to be in person, social distancing, washing your hands, nothing you haven't heard before. This will also show that you respect and care about your clients, further building those relationships.


Keeping it Up Close AND Virtual

Although we don't know for sure how long the pandemic will last, we know it won't last forever. What most likely will last forever, or at least a long time after the pandemic is over, is the practice of good health and cleanliness habits. Therefore when the pandemic is eventually over, keep zoom and virtual options open along with in person options to provide clients with the ability to choose what works best for them, which will develop relationships with customers further.

Maintain Strong Online Presence

If and when the pandemic comes to an end, people will most likely still use technology since it has become everybody's crutch during the pandemic. This will mean that they will still be using social media. So maintaining a strong presence online and continuing to take advantage of digital marketing, while returning to being in-person, will keep you being a force to be reckoned with.

Don't Underestimate the Power of an Email

With the pandemic causing everyone and everything to become online and virtual, people after the pandemic will most likely struggle to maintain connections, as well as create new ones. This will lead people to revert back to using technology, as previously mentioned. Therefore, sending out emails, especially personalized and individual emails, will help you both to further maintain connections you made and kept during the pandemic, and build new ones.

Take Advantage of Being In Person

While people will definitely still be using technology after the pandemic, the need for in-person, real human connection will grow stronger after so long of that being taken away. So whenever possible, you should take advantage of the ability to be in-person. Not only will this draw more people in, but you can take the opportunity to build new relationships.

Being Authentic and Transparent

The most important thing to remember while running your business after the pandemic is to be authentic and transparent with your customers and clients. Everyone, including you, will have spent what seemed like forever experiencing the opposite of authentic and transparent communication. So if you are genuine and clear with your customers, they will see that and trust you that much more.

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and will forever have changed the whole world. Thusly, it has changed the business world and the way businesses operate and make connections. However, even though the pandemic has made it more difficult for businesses to connect with their customers, making and developing those connections is what became the most important. So whether it's the Wifi or in-person, it's all about the connections!

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